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Europe is the second smallest continent and home to the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. The Louvre is Europe's most visited tourist attraction.

Albania is a small and beautiful country situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Tirana is the capital of the country. The state is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, hiking paths, forests, affordability, and hospitality shown by locals.


The locals of the state are known to be welcoming. People considering moving to Albania will find plenty of affordable housing options. Albania is a formerly closed, centrally planned, and developing country with a modern open-market economy.


Albania is known to be one of the safest states for locals and expats. The cost of living here is affordable. The country also has enormous scope in agriculture, lumber, oil, cement, textiles, and petroleum extraction.

Many expats migrate to the state to work or expand their companies or businesses. If you are an employed foreigner from another state, you must have an Albanian work visa.


Albania is a state with excellent work opportunities. The state has great scores in cement manufacturing, the textile industry, mining, oil, and petroleum extraction, opening doors to various work opportunities.


There are four types of work permits for Albania:

To attain a work permit, you must fulfill the essential requirements:

The family reunification visa for Albania allows your family to visit Albania and meet or live with you. The visa is a long-term visa that permits you to stay in Albania for up to one year.

Once the immigrants have settled in the state, their next target is bringing their loved ones.


There are some basic requirements for a Family Reunification visa :

The permanent residency visa allows expats to apply for a residency permit in Albania after staying in the country for more than 90 days in 180 days.


The permanent residency visa is issued to applicants who have lived in Albania for more than five years and have strong ties and activities in Albania.


To get a permanent residency visa for Albania, you must fulfill the following essential requirements:

The global immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals to immigrate to Albania. Whether you want to acquire permanent residency in Albania, reunite with your family, or immigrate as a skilled foreign worker, we provide expert supervision and application procedures throughout.


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