Andorra Immigration: Requirements, Visa Types, and More
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Europe is the second smallest continent and home to the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. The Louvre is Europe's most visited tourist attraction.

Andorra is a landlocked nation in southern Europe that shares borders with France and Spain. Andorra is strategically located in the Pyrenees Mountains, straddling many significant mountain intersections. The president of France, as prince of Andorra, is the chief of state, while the prime minister of Andorra is the head of government.


Andorra has a mixed economy, consisting of individual freedom and centralized economic planning and government regulation. Andorra is one of the safest countries in all over the world. Many things attract immigrants to come to Andorra.

Andorra is a small European country, yet it offers many options for expanding businesses.  Before working in Andorra, you must ensure they have the necessary permissions and visa.


Foreign nationals planning to reside and work in Andorra must provide several documents to support their application. The prerequisites are as follows:

The original registration certificate for the employing firm, as well as a photocopy, is also required.

The following family members are eligible for reunification:

As part of your visa application package, you must provide sufficient evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria.

In addition, the documents attesting to the Applicant’s Financial Means are also required.

Andorra draws many international investors, entrepreneurs, and private enterprises, mainly owing to its favorable tax regime. As a result, the financial services business has grown over the past ten years. Andorra has become one of the world’s premier financial services hubs, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.


The applicant must submit the following documents to be an Andorra business visa applicant.

Our global mobility department at Direct U.S. Immigration assists prospective foreign nationals in their immigration to Andorra. We offer expert guidance and application procedures whether you want to start a business in Andorra, reunite with your family, or immigrate as a skilled worker.


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