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In terms of landmass, Oceania is the planet's smallest continent. The only region in the world where monotremes—egg-laying mammals—exist is in Australia and Oceania.

Australia has remained a popular destination for migrants due to a higher standard of living, a growing economy, a better lifestyle, and significant economic opportunities.

In order to compensate for the economic loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australia Government has announced that it will boost its immigration process through its 2022-2023 Migration Program. Statistics predict an increased intake of migrants, where the country will be filling 160,000 places in diverse sectors.

The Australian Immigration programs are entitled to invite migrants in different sectors, with the main pathways for migrants being the skilled classes and family reunification.

Here are some of the popular permanent visas for foreigners in Australia:

A Skilled Independent Work Visa permits migrants to work and live in Australia. Skilled foreign workers who directly comply with Australia’s Skilled Occupations List are employed in-country and are allowed to enter under this category.


To qualify for this visa, applicants are required to undertake a skills test. Furthermore, an employer or family member is required to sponsor a foreigner.


The skilled visa enables the foreigners to:

After going through multiple phases of application and sponsorship, a visa is issued if an application is approved.

Family reunification for immigrants is a key priority for the Australian Government. This is the reason behind a massive increase in the intake of Family Reunification Visas.

Partner visas, which allow Australians to reconcile with family members living abroad, offer them avenues to citizenship and make up the majority of this stream.

Partner visas will be given on a demand-driven basis from 2022 to 2023 to assist in family reunions. This will help shorten the Partner visa pipeline and processing times for many applicants.

Furthermore, there are also temporary visas to sponsor parents and common-law partners to Australia. These visas also permit the application holders to include their dependent children in their application process.

The Business Innovation Stream authorizes the foreigners to operate a new or overtake an existing business in Australia. This visa stream is also a successful way to obtain permanent residency in Australia.
The prerequisites of this visa include the applicant to demonstrate their experience in managing a successful business in their home country, a serious commitment to start or join a qualifying business in Australia, and sufficient funds to deploy in the Australian market. Before being invited to apply for this visa, investors must be nominated by an Australian state or territory government.

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