Benin Immigration Guide: Visa Requirements & Benefits
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Africa is the second largest continent in the world and has the world’s longest river – the Nile. The vast majority of the world's diamonds are mined in Africa.

Benin is officially the Republic of Benin and was historically known as Dahomey, a prosperous western African kingdom that ruled during the 18th and 19th centuries. Dahomey gained full independence in 1960, and the nation’s name was changed to the Republic of Benin in 1975.


The country’s current name, Benin, comes from the Bight of Benin, a bay in the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa.


The Bight of Benin, a section of the Gulf of Guinea, is located in the northernmost tropical region of the Atlantic Ocean, and its southern shoreline is home to the majority of the country’s inhabitants.


Cotonou, the country’s largest city and economic center, serves as the capital and location of the government. Native languages like Fon, Bariba, Yoruba, and Dendi are spoken in Benin, where French is the country’s official language. It is a country in the tropics that is reliant on agriculture and exports cotton and palm oil. Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Togo, and Niger are its neighbors.


The Pendjari National Park in Benin is home to the greatest intact ecosystem in West Africa, alongside Burkina Faso and Niger. Moreover, the UNESCO-designated park has the sole viable population of lions in the area. 

Different visas allow an individual to travel to Benin.

Its rich cultural legacy, turbulent past, unusual traditions, and colonial architecture lure tourists to this lovely country. Travelers from all over the world come to Benin to enjoy the distinctive culture and the friendliness and hospitality of the people. These documents are required for a tourist visa:

A business visa is for foreign nationals who intend to participate in a variety of business events, such as meetings for business or trade deals. It is a 90-day visa. You must provide the following paperwork to apply for a business visa:

The holder of a short-stay residence permit who has lived in Benin for two years is granted a long-stay residency permit. The duration of the long-stay residency permit’s validity is ten years.


The following are the documents required to apply for a long-stay residence permit:

The global mobility department of Direct U.S. Immigration empowers aspiring foreign nationals to immigrate to Benin. Whether those individuals want to start their business in Benin, visit Benin, or apply for a long-stay residence permit, we provide expert supervision and application procedures.


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