Guide to Central African Republic Immigration
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Africa is the second largest continent in the world and has the world’s longest river – the Nile. The vast majority of the world's diamonds are mined in Africa.

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a country located in the central part of Africa. The country has a rich mix of cultures and languages, with over 80 different ethnic groups speaking various languages, including Sango, a creole language spoken by the majority of the population. It is home to impressive wildlife, such as elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, leopards, lions, hyenas, antelopes, and many other species. The country has several national parks and protected areas, including the Dzanga Sangha National Park and the Bamingui-Bangoran National Park, which attract tourists and researchers from around the world. If you are considering immigration to the Central African Republic, there are several options available depending on your purpose of stay.

The Permanent Residence Visa is granted to individuals who wish to reside in the Central African Republic long-term. In order to be eligible for permanent residency, the applicant must provide the following:

Furthermore, the requirements may vary according to the case being filed.

The Family Reunification Visa is granted to foreign nationals who have family members who are citizens or permanent residents of the Central African Republic. To be eligible for a family visa, applicants must provide:

The business visa is for individuals who wish to conduct business activities in the Central African Republic. To obtain a business visa, the applicant must provide the following:

The global immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals to immigrate to the Central African Republic. Whether you want to start your business venture in the Central African Republic, reunite with your family, or acquire permanent residency, we provide expert supervision and application procedures throughout.


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