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Asia holds the largest (Russia) and most populous (China) countries. It is the largest continent on the globe, making up around 30% of the planet's surface.

Emigrants belonging from any region always prefer to settle in a developed country having greater employment opportunities and a higher standard of living. In the current scenario, China is becoming a dominant country in Asia.
The socioeconomic reforms in China have resulted in substantial outcomes resulting in a sharp economic growth, employment opportunities, increased GDP, and a more affluent standard of living.
Technological advancements have also occured in the country, and businesses have grown immensely, opening opportunities for skilled workers and businesspersons worldwide.
Despite the strict immigration policies of China, interested individuals choosing to immigrate to China will benefit from Direct U.S. Immigration’s legal assistance.

In order to apply for permanent residence or citizenship in China, the applicants must have spent some years in the country while being on a visa. However, the immigration policies of China are strict, and eligibility conditions depend upon an individual’s nationality and other factors.

The visa categories for China are following:

The Z Visa is issued to those individuals who have successfully obtained employment permits in China. The applicants must have a strong intention to work in China.
To obtain a working permit:

It is essential to obtain a Notification of Work Permit issued by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

The business (F) visa serves the purpose of a business visit visa. It is primarily designed for the individuals who are visiting China:

The duration of this visa is up to 6 months.

The Q1 family visa purposes as a family reunification visa. This visa is issued to the family members of Chinese citizens or China permanent residence holders.
The visa-sponsored persons’ primary intent must be to come to China for long-term family reunification.

A single-entry Q1 visa is usually awarded, and holders must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit within 30 days of entering.

The global mobility department of Direct U.S. Immigration enables aspiring foreign nationals to immigrate to China. Whether you want to start your business in China, reunite with your family or want to immigrate as a skilled worker, we provide expert supervision and application procedures in all.

By bypassing all the complex immigration procedures, we can assist the individuals in immigration in China.

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