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Europe is the second smallest continent and home to the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. The Louvre is Europe's most visited tourist attraction.

Estonia is the most northern of the three Baltic states, located in northeastern Europe.

Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is the largest, and most populous city. Additionally, it serves as the nation’s administrative, cultural, educational, and financial hub. Latvia and Russia are Estonia’s neighbors. It is bordered in the north by the Gulf of Finland, in the west by the Baltic Sea, and in the east by Lake Peipus. Finland and Sweden share maritime borders with Estonia.  

The nation is frequently referred to as the most technologically advanced civilization in the world. 

It is also one of Europe’s greenest countries, with 52 percent of its land covered in forests. Estonia is one of the least densely inhabited nations in Europe, with 28.4 people per square kilometer.


UNESCO has designated Tallinn’s Old Town, the 13th-century Hanseatic legacy of Tallinn World Heritage Site. Estonia and a few of its neighbors jointly own the second UNESCO site. The Struve Geodetic Arc was the first technical and scientific object to be recognized as a World Heritage Site. It consists of a sequence of survey triangulations that aid in precisely measuring a meridian.

Estonia currently has the lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in the EU, a balanced budget, free trade, and a flat income tax that has facilitated the nation’s rapid economic growth and success. The cost of living in Estonia is considered reasonable and lower than that of other European countries.

Estonia has established itself as a desirable study destination for international students thanks to its extensive academic traditions and world-class higher education institutions.

The following documents are required when applying for a student visa to Estonia:

The visitor visa is for people who want to travel to Estonia to visit family or friends or want to visit the country.

These are the required documents for a visitor visa:

The Estonian Business Visa is for those who intend to travel to Estonia to conduct business or collaborate with a company in Estonia. The required documents for a business visa are:

If you have a close family member living in Estonia and want to visit them, you must apply for an Estonia family visa. With this visa, you can study, work, and live in Estonia for the same amount of time as your family member . These are the required documents for a spouse visa:

Our global mobility department at Direct U.S. Immigration provides immigration support to foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Estonia. We offer professional supervision and application processes regardless of whether you wish to visit Estonia, start a business, reunite with family, or attend a university in Estonia.


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