Falkland Islands Immigration: Requirements & Opportunities
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The Falkland Islands are an archipelago or island chain in the South Atlantic Ocean. The islands have rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts. Stanley is the capital, and English is the official language spoken in the state.


Expats migrate to the Falkland Islands as the territory offers excellent medical, dental, and community health services. The cost of transportation, accommodation, and other necessities is affordable, attracting many immigrants to settle in the country.


Life in the Falkland Islands is fascinating, with a lot of peace and beautiful coasts to visit, and the best part is that there is no unemployment there. The territory’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, sheep farming, and fishing.

The Falkland Islands are a farming community; most people live on farms across the islands. Most earn their living by working on farms, but the state also has substantial scope in fishing, tourism, and agriculture.


For work purposes, you need a work permit for the Falkland Islands. The permit allows the holder to stay and leave the Falkland Islands for a specific period. The applicant can remain for work or business purposes and apply for the permit’s renewal before it expires. The period of the visa is granted according to your job contract.


If you want to apply for a work permit, you must submit the following documents:

A family reunion visa allows you to bring your spouse, children, or parents to visit you for a limited period. A family reunion permit is granted to the applicant residing in the Falkland Islands with a residency permit.


You can apply for a family reunion by submitting the following:

A permanent residence permit for the Falkland Islands allows the holder to stay in and leave the state without any restriction. The permit requires the applicants to meet essential criteria and earn good points through a points-based assessment.


The point system is based on employment, income, work experience, educational and professional qualifications, assets, age, and community engagement.


The applicant must submit the following:

The global immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals’ immigration to the Falkland Islands. Whether you want to acquire permanent residency in the Falkland Islands, reunite with your family, or immigrate as a skilled foreign worker, we provide expert supervision and application procedures throughout.


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