Chile Immigration Guide: Your Pathway to a New Life
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The third-largest continent on the globe after Asia and Africa is North America.The name of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci is where the word "America" originates. The continent of South America is home to numerous breathtaking natural wonders. The world's tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, is located in Venezuela. In addition, South America is home to the Atacama Desert, the longest mountain range on Earth, the Andes, and the world's largest river, the Amazon. The Amazon Rainforest holds the distinction of being the world's largest rainforest. The ancient Mayans in Central America first came up with the mathematical concept of the “0”.

Chile, officially known as the Republic of Chile, is a country lying in the western part of South America. Furthermore, it occupies the southernmost location in the world.

Chile is constituted among the wealthiest and better-performing countries throughout South America. Being a developing country, Chile also has a high-income economy and a better ranking in the human development index. Furthermore, this country is among the most stable economies in South America, leading in globalization, human living conditions, and increased per capita income.

Factors related explicitly to high income and elevated GDP always lead to the betterment of living conditions in the country; the same is the case with Chile.

Chile is a worthwhile selection for those immigrants who consider a high income as their key preference. Similarly, Chile offers immigrants friendly pathways leading to permanent residence.

Visas through which you can immigrate to Chile are defined below:

As the trends suggest, Chile faces a deficit of skilled workers, and the toll has risen to 6,000 workers. Similarly, to accommodate and recruit these skilled workers, Chile will need to hire a foreign labor work force to support this demand. Consequently, there lies a great opportunity for skilled foreign workers who can find permanent residence through an employment visa.

A local work contract or employment offer needs a formal work contract to be submitted within 45 days of entering Chile with the applicant’s visa. The services contract is required in case of self-employment for this visa subclass for foreign nationals doing paid activities in Chile.

Chile encourages foreign investment in the country, and similarly, some pathways support this stance. In order to accommodate and provide permanent residence to foreign businesspersons, the following are the available permits.

A specialized permit is designed for individuals interested in investing at least $500,000 USD in a business or specialized project in Chile; the interested individuals are allowed to apply for this permit. Furthermore, the applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in investing in the country.

This multiple entry visa permits foreign investors or companies interested in investing in Chile to visit the country numerous times.

Furthermore, proper legal business documentation are mandatory for visa applications.

This visa classification enables Chileans to sponsor their family members in the country. Furthermore, the researchers and business individuals can also bring or support them.

The sponsored relations include:

Please note that conditions may change according to the visa permits respectively.

The global mobility department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals to immigrate to Chile. Whether you want to start your business in Chile, reunite with your family or want to immigrate as a skilled worker, we deliver expert supervision and application procedures in all.


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