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The massive oil reserves in the Middle East are well-known. Saudi Arabia is home to Ghawar, the largest conventional oil field in the world (measured 280 km by 30 km). It is also regarded as the birthplace of the three major world religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an oil-rich Gulf state, is one of the strongest economies in the world. The principal exports of the country are in the oil sector. Moreover, the country possesses 17% of the world’s petroleum reserves.

The country is also known for the expats, which account for 38.4% of the total population. The significant jobs in the country are in the oil and petroleum sector. Similarly, chemical engineers and technical workers from all over the world have also been employed here.

Saudi Arabia has strict immigration rules and regulations when compared to other states. In addition to it, the hot climate and a strict religious society are also among the notable elements.

The prior immigration policies of the country do not allow any foreigner to obtain Saudi Citizenship. Apart from the temporary residence or visit visas, to stay in the country for residence, the expats are required to obtain Iqama (residence permit).

Besides having a residential permit, foreign workers must apply for a work permit. To obtain a work permit, the applicants need the following:

Foreign workers may extend their employment visas to a residence permit (iqama). The validity of a residence permit is up to 2 years which is extendable.

Businesspersons, companies, or representatives planning to visit Saudi Arabia for business purposes must obtain a business visit visa.

The business visit visa is an e-service rendered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia. The e-visa allows the companies and institutions to request a visit from one or more persons. However, the sole purpose of the stay must be bounded by business matters and invitation by the company.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the family visit visa. The issuance of the permit is applicable to immediate family members of iqama holders. A valid iqama holder or Saudi resident is eligible to apply for the family visit visa on behalf of their family members.

In Saudi Arabia, the Iqama holder must begin the family visit visa application process.

The global mobility department of Direct U.S. Immigration enables aspiring foreign nationals to immigrate to Saudi Arabia. Whether you want to start your business in Saudi Arabia, reunite with your family or want to immigrate as a skilled worker, we provide expert supervision and application procedures in all.

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