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Asia holds the largest (Russia) and most populous (China) countries. It is the largest continent on the globe, making up around 30% of the planet's surface.

Japan is an island nation of four major and several minor islands in East Asia. The country has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government system. The emperor is the state’s chief, and the prime minister is the head of government. Japan has a free-market economy in which the prices of products and services are determined. 


Japan is one of the largest and most developed countries in the world. The significant revival of Japan’s economy was after the Second World War. Japan is one of the first Asian countries to climb the value chain from cheap to valuable.


The main success of Japan is that they have a well-educated system and an excellent man force that builds the standard of Japan’s industrial scale to another level. Manufacturing is the main thing that increases the market value of Japan.


Japan’s electronics industry is well known worldwide, which benefits the Japanese economy. However, in recent years, Japan has given some manufacturing economic edge to China, the Republic of Korea, and other manufacturing economies.


To some extent, Japanese corporations have resisted this tendency by shifting their production to low-cost countries. Japan’s service industry, which includes financial services, now accounts for over 75% of GDP. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the world’s most important financial markets.

Japan is a country that is continuously growing. Immigrants entering Japan to seek paid employment must obtain a Japan Work Visa.

Work Visas in Japan are classified into three types:

When applying for a Japan Work Visa, you must submit the following documents:

Foreign nationals in the country who want to invite their spouse, children, or any other family member to Japan must obtain a short-term visit visa, valid for 90 days. If they wish to settle in Japan, they must apply to extend their visa.

The Japanese investor visa is for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in or manage a business in Japan.

An individual sent to Japan to be president of a foreign company’s Japanese unit will likely use an Investor Visa.


Those seeking to “self-sponsor” a visa in Japan are most likely to choose the Investor Visa category. This form of access is known by several names in English, including investor visa, business management visa, and self-sponsorship visa.

The European immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration enables aspiring foreign nationals to immigrate to Japan. We offer professional supervision and application processes regardless of whether you wish to immigrate as a skilled worker, start a business in Japan, or reconnect with relatives.


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