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Africa is the second largest continent in the world and has the world’s longest river – the Nile. The vast majority of the world's diamonds are mined in Africa.

Malawi, officially known as the Republic of Malawi, is a developing African country. The geographical boundary of the country extends into southeastern Africa. Being a developing country, Malawi still has an economy based on the agricultural sector.
The government of Malawi is aware of the need to increase foreign investment to promote technology transfer, build human capital, and enable the private sector to be a significant driver of economic progress. In 2012, the energy and infrastructure sectors received 62% and 33% of all foreign investment, respectively.


Even though the country is a developing country, tourism and the work sector remain a pivot for the economy. Therefore, visa options are also available to support foreign workers, tourists, and investors in the country.

The following are the primary visa types for Malawi:

This visa is given to anyone who wants to travel to, live, or do business in Malawi. It can only be used once, and its validity is around three months.

The transit visa can only be used once and is given to people who plan to transit through Malawi for a week.

The official visa is given to people who have official or service passports and travel to Malawi as government officials. It can only be used once and lasts up to three months.

If a person traveling on an invitation from the government of Malawi is not eligible for a diplomatic visa, then a courtesy visa may be provided to them; if they hold either an official/service passport or an ordinary passport. This visa has a three-month validity period and is single-use only.

This is given to someone visiting Malawi on business or as part of a mission and holding a diplomatic passport. This visa has a three-month validity period and is single-use only.

With this permit, a person is allowed to live in Malawi and can do the following:

The money to be invested should come from a legitimate outside source with a minimum of $50,000.00. The permit is valid for five years starting on the day it was approved and is renewable for an additional five years.

The global mobility department of Direct U.S. Immigration empowers aspiring foreign nationals to immigrate to Malawi. Whether those individuals want to start their business in Malawi, reunite with family or immigrate as skilled workers, we provide expert supervision and application procedures.


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