Malta Immigration: Requirements, Visas, and Expert Guidance
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Europe is the second smallest continent and home to the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. The Louvre is Europe's most visited tourist attraction.

Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of Sicily. According to legend, the country gets its name from a Greek term that means “honey.” The island is well renowned for its distinctive sort of honey, which is produced by an uncommon species of bee.

Valletta is Malta’s administrative center and capital. It is situated on the main island, between Grand Harbor to the east and Marsamxett Harbor to the west.


Everyone who relocates to Malta is intrigued by the island’s breathtaking natural beauty, architectural wonders, and the Mediterranean joie de vivre that infuses daily life there. Many are drawn to Malta’s numerous prosperous industries, including the financial services sector and the casino industry.


After joining the European Union, Malta eliminated its borders with the other Schengen nations allowing visitors possessing a Schengen visa entry into Malta. 

These are the major programs that all allow you to immigrate to Malta:

If you want to work in Malta and experience everything the country has to offer, you can apply for a work visa. There are different types of Malta work permits;

These are the required documents for a work visa:

If you are a non-EU citizen who wishes to visit a family member already living in Malta, you must apply for a family visa. You  are eligible for the family visa if you are:

The required documents for this visa are:

Non-EU, high-net-worth individuals who want to invest in Malta are eligible for the Malta Golden Visa. The documents required for a golden visa are:

The global immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals to immigrate to Malta. Whether you want to start your business venture in Malta, reunite with your family, or immigrate as a skilled foreign worker, we provide expert supervision and application procedures throughout.


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