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Asia holds the largest (Russia) and most populous (China) countries. It is the largest continent on the globe, making up around 30% of the planet's surface.

Myanmar is a South Asian state bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand. Burma was the old name of Myanmar. The state’s capital is Naypyidaw, and Burmese is the official language.


Myanmar is an attractive state with outstanding beaches, forests, and landscapes. The state is considered one of the most sought-after destinations for foreigners. Myanmar is a safe and affordable country to settle in. Yangon, the largest city in the state, is considered among the safest places to live in Asia.


Myanmar has a stable economy, and the country is developing daily. The economy of the state is supported by exports of natural gas, the production of pulses, minerals, and gems, manufacturing machinery and equipment, industrial raw materials, and consumer goods.

A work permit is a legal document that allows you to work and stay in the state. Myanmar has remarkable economic growth, leading to great job opportunities for locals or migrants. Myanmar has the best career choices in three sectors: agriculture, the service sector, and the industrial sector.


You must submit the following required documents for a work permit:

The expatriates living in the state may also apply for a family reunion visa to bring their families to come and live with them. The applicant can apply for their spouse, minor or adult children, parents, or any other blood relative dependent on them. 


The essential requirements for the family reunification visa to Myanmar are:

A foreigner living in Myanmar for a maximum of 3 years is eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa. The permanent residence visa allows you to stay in the state without any problems, and you are allowed to enjoy your life like a citizen of Myanmar with equal rights.


You must submit the following application materials to apply for this visa:

The global immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals to immigrate to Myanmar. Whether you want to acquire permanent residency in Myanmar, reunite with your family, or immigrate as a skilled foreign worker, we provide expert supervision and application procedures throughout.


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