Visa Options: Explore Your Path to Global Opportunities
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Visa Types We Offer

This section is reserved for those who have a particular set of circumstances that do not fall under the other categories.

Finding the right visa for you can be difficult. That’s why we take the guess work away from you. Schedule a consultation with Direct U.S. Immigration, let us know your unique set of circumstances and needs, and we will evaluate which visa specifically fits your needs.

Fill In The Required Forms

We prepare your required forms.

Submit Your Filing

We assist you to submit the appropriate forms and evidence.

Get Ready To Receive Your Visa

Sit back while our team of experts work tirelessly to expedite the process and provide you with updates.

Where and How to Apply for my specialized visa?

Depending on the basis of the application and your physical presence, you may be allowed to apply for the visa either inside of the United States or you may have to visit an embassy or consulate in your home country to apply for the visa. Speak to a team member to determine which option is available to you.

visitor visa

Visa Benefits


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