Peru Immigration: Your Pathway to New Opportunities
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The third-largest continent on the globe after Asia and Africa is North America.The name of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci is where the word "America" originates. The continent of South America is home to numerous breathtaking natural wonders. The world's tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, is located in Venezuela. In addition, South America is home to the Atacama Desert, the longest mountain range on Earth, the Andes, and the world's largest river, the Amazon. The Amazon Rainforest holds the distinction of being the world's largest rainforest. The ancient Mayans in Central America first came up with the mathematical concept of the “0”.

Peru is a beautiful state located on South America’s west coast. Lima is the capital of Peru, with most of the immigrants living there. The most spoken language in the state is English.


It has one of the longest histories of civilizations of any country and is home to many ancient cultures and civilizations, like the historic Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and museums displaying objects retrieved from ancient tombs in northern coastal Peru.


The state is known for its beautiful beaches, majestic mountainscapes, and plenty of ancient remains. Foreigners choose this state as their preferred destination because of its diverse  and colorful blending of cultures and cuisines.


Peru is known as a developing country with stable economic growth. Healthcare and educational facilities attract many immigrants to settle in the state. The big cities in Peru, like Lima, will offer various options and opportunities to explore the cultures.

Peru is an attractive destination for foreigners looking to expand or start a new business. The state has abundant natural resources, making it  one of the best options for investment.


The main employment sectors in Peru are agriculture, fishing, mining, and manufacturing. The country’s manufacturing industry is the 6th largest economy in Latin America. If you have a great business setup,the registration of a company, and legal documents, you can apply for the permit.


If you want to apply for a business permit, you must submit the following documents:

This type of permit allows your family or any dependent blood relative to come and stay with you in Peru for a short period of time. Family members of Peruvian nationals and immigrants with residence permits can apply for the family reunification visa


You can apply for your spouse, underage children, unmarried children over 18, parents, or any of your blood relatives who are dependent on you.


To apply for a family reunification visa, you must submit the essential documents:

If the immigrant has maintained any visa in Peru for three years, they can apply for a permanent residence visa in Peru. The permanent residence visa will give you indefinite leave to remain in Peru.


You can also apply for citizenship and a second passport after getting a permanent residence permit.


The essential requirements for permanent residence are:

The global immigration department of Direct U.S. Immigration facilitates ambitious foreign nationals to immigrate to Peru. Whether you want to start your business venture in Peru, reunite with your family, or acquire permanent residency, we provide expert supervision and application procedures throughout.


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