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Europe is the second smallest continent and home to the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. The Louvre is Europe's most visited tourist attraction.

Portugal is becoming a top retirement country, especially for nationals of Europe, Canada, and the United States. The climate, cheap cost of living, and excellent quality of life combined with its tech-world savviness, make it a sought-after destination. The job market in Portugal is competitive and growing, much like the country itself. These factors and the country’s family-oriented culture, are among the top reasons why individuals wish to immigrate to Portugal.

The visas through which you can immigrate to Portugal are listed below.

The Family Reunification Visa allows family members to enter Portugal, granting residence and work permits for the time being. Portugal’s family reunification visa is valid for two years. Immediate family members are listed as: spouse/civil partner, minor children under eighteen years old, and parents older than 65). Children that are under the family reunification visa are eligible for permanent residency.

Schengen Short-Stay Visa (Schengen Area)

The short stay visa allows for a maximum of ninety days within a 180 day period, primarily for conducting business. The short stay visa allows for multiple entries in and out of the country.

Type I Visa/ D7 Visa

The D7 visa provides many benefits to retirees and passive income earners. The visa allows permanent free entry throughout the Schengen Area, which consists of twenty-six European countries. Another advantage is that the tax benefits last ten years on most foreign-source income, education benefits, and health care rights. The minimum stay requirement for the D7 visa is at least sixteen months in the country for the first two-year period.

D2 Visa

The Portugal D2 visa allows entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent providers to reside in Portugal for up to 120 days, with options of up to five years. After the five-year mark, the applicant may apply for permanent residency. U.S. citizens and other non-EU citizens wishing to start a business or relocate their existing business are allowed to do so. Showing proof that one can sustain oneself and produce a business plan would allow the applicant to obtain this visa. The additional benefits of the D2 visa are that it grants family members the same residency rights as the applicant.

The Golden Visa (Type-O Visa)

The Golden Visa allows an applicant entry for a residency permit by investing. An investment may include purchasing real property or making a lump sum deposit. The type of property may be a home or commercial unit (i.e., an apartment, condo, home, commercial property, or land).

The individual must commit to at least 500,000 EUR for the acquisition of the real property, or investments in a company or a deposit into a Portuguese bank must be at least 1,000,000 EUR.

An individual may invest in a new business if it will create employment opportunities for Portuguese citizens, contribute to innovation in the fields of science or technology, and make a significant socio-economic impact.

Our global mobility department of Direct U.S. Immigration enables aspiring foreign nationals to immigrate to Portugal. Whether you want to start your business in Portugal or reunite with your family, we provide expert supervision and application procedures in all areas.


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