Work Authorization - EAD and U.S. Work Authorization
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EAD and U.S. Work Authorization

EAD and U.S. Work Authorization

It is mandatory for all U.S. employers to ensure that their employees, regardless of citizenship or national origin, are allowed to work in the United States, consistent with the terms of their employment. An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is a work permit that authorizes an individual to work in the United States. The EAD is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the form of a small card.

Who needs an EAD?

EADs are generally valid for one year and up to three years. The expiration date can vary depending on the individual’s specific case. Anyone who plans to remain in the country working must renew their EAD before it expires.

How to apply for an EAD

If you already possess or are already applying for a visa or green card, you may apply for an EAD by following these simple steps:
1. Fill out an Application for Employment Authorization.

2. Attach photos of yourself and documents that prove your eligibility.

3. Submit the form together with your photos and supporting documents to the USCIS.

Incorrect Information on your EAD

In the event that you make an error in filling out your information, you will be required to re-file the application and repay the filing fee.

If the USCIS made the error, you can request a replacement by notifying USCIS or submitting the EAD with notation of the error to the service center or the National Benefit Center responsible for approving your previous Application for Employment Authorization.

Renewing your EAD

You may renew your EAD before it expires, as long as it still falls within the window of renewal. The renewal window opens 180 days before the EAD’s expiration date and closes once your EAD expires. If your circumstances have changed since your last application, so you must ensure you are still eligible to renew.

Lost and stolen EADs

In case of a lost or stolen EAD, you may replace it by filing the Application for Employment Authorization and indicating that you would like to request a replacement this time.

Direct U.S. Immigration understands that work authorization is an essential step in your future employment, and we can assist you in your application. Schedule a consultation with us and let us help set you up for success!


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