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H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is mainly for employers in the U.S. who wish to hire temporary foreign workers in specific occupations. The H-1B Specialty Occupation is a non-immigrant visa that permits these foreign workers to work in the U.S from three years to an extendable six-year term.

Speciality Occupations

According to the regulations, a speciality occupation requires the theoretical and practical application of highly specialist skills in multiple fields. The occupation can be:

• Engineering

• Computer Science / IT

• Architects

• Accountants

• Physical Sciences

• Lawyers

However, the specialist occupations are not limited to these professions; it comprises other job sectors as well.

 Eligibility Requirements

The requirements for a foreign worker include at least:

• A bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent.

• A valid job offer from a U.S employer.

• The employer must demonstrate a labour shortage in that particular occupation in the U.S.

• Before entering the U.S. under the H-1B visa, the applicant must register with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The H-1B work permit is only valid for employment with the sponsoring company.

Process for Employers

In order to hire a foreign worker, the employer must undertake the following steps:

• Possess a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA).

• Possess an approved petition with USCIS.

• H-1B Visa Cap


Each fiscal year, the H-1B classification has a numerical limit (ceiling) of 65,000 new visas. The cap does not apply to an extra 20,000 petitions filed on behalf of beneficiaries who have earned a master’s degree or higher from U.S. institutions of higher education. Every year in the spring, new applications are available and accepted for submission.

How to apply?

Being a specialized and reputed U.S. immigration firm, we have vast experience to guide you through this whole process. Our immigration attorneys, advisors, and specialists have served people from more than 150 countries. We provide white-glove service to make the process easier for you while ensuring quality and speed.

Be sure to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney for your H-1B visa needs.

Immigration success starts with
our expert consulting team


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